Gabrijela Rukelj Kraskovic was born in 1980 in Zagreb, Croatia, where she lives and works.

Artist statement:

The first painter I came across was John Constable, whose reproduction of ‘The Hay Wain’ hung on a wall in my room at my parents’ house in the Zagreb suburbs for 21 years. At the age of 26, having not yet found my true vocation  I took up painting. My approach to painting is always intuitive. Nothing is planned ahead, not a line, nor colour; instead, I rely on the spontaneity and unpredictability of the final outcome. The very unpredictability of the final result is what I find to be the most exciting aspect of my work and it is the thing that interests me most in the creative process. My interests lie in autobiographies, interiors and intimate journal entries. I am also intrigued by animalism and, above all nature itself. These motifs show in my paintings, but not as straightforward and realistic depictions. I focus on impression and perception instead. For me, a symbol is more important than realistic depiction. I put emphasis on the story and its message, which I then interpret and express through my artworks. The transitions from realistic to surreal are depicted in simplified forms and weird and unusual perspectives. When choosing my motifs, I tend to opt for what things ”aren’t” rather than for what they ”are” and that is what makes me happy –  a creation of some other, better world, a world that is much more honest and much more noble than the one we live in. 


Solo exhibitions (selection):

2017  “Kora and All the Others“, Zivi Atelje DK Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia

2016  “2.“, Kláster Zlata Koruna, Ceský Krumlov, The Czech Republic

2016  “Kora and All the Others“, Nick Art & Design Gallery, Pecs, Hungary

2014  Untitled, Boonika Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia

2013  Drawings,  Greta Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia

2013  “Playful Courage“, Razvid Gallery, Zapresic, Croatia

2012  “I Dreamed a Dream“, Meneghello estate, Palmizana, Croatia

2011  “I Dreamed a Dream“, Studio Lucko, Zagreb, Croatia

2010  “From a Diary“, Fonticus Gallery, Groznjan, Croatia

2007  Untitled, Prostor multiracionalna kompanija, Zagreb, Croatia

2006  Untitled, OK Gallery, Rijeka, Croatia


Group exhibitions (selection):

2017   Rijeka Mini art, Julije Klovic Gallery, Rijeka, Croatia

2017  “Zeravica 4“,Galeria Marianska, Ceske Budejovice,  The Czech Republic

2017  Art colony Rovinj, City museum Rovinj, Croatia

2016  “36 Mountains“, Bacva Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia

2016  Private and Public, Obrvan Garden, Metkovic, Croatia

2016  Art colony Rovinj, City museum Rovinj, Croatia

2016  SLJIN, City Museum Djurdjevac, Croatia

2015  Art colony Rovinj, City museum Rovinj, Croatia

2015  The Mystyc (3plle Tunnel), Gallery center Varazdin, Croatia

2015  The Mystyc (3plle Tunnel), City Museum Djurdjevac, Croatia

2015  Groznjan- 1995.-2015., Fonticus Gallery, Groznjan, Croatia

2014  “Have a Heart“, Kranjcar Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia

2011  Project “Red“, Fonticus Gallery , Groznjan, Croatia

2011  Project “Blue“, Fonticus Gallery, Groznjan, Croatia

2010  “Private and Public“, Studio Vuckovic, Siroki Brijeg, Bosnia and Herzegovina

2010  Project  “Yellow“, Fonticus Gallery, Groznjan, Croatia

2010  Annual exhibition, Novi Pazar, Serbia

2009  “I Create, Therefore I Am“, Gallery Vrsilnica, Novi dvori, Zapresic